Themes EP

with remixes from Johnny Fiasco and Arildo & Usmev.


1. Innerself feat.Renate

2. Innerself feat. Renate (Johnny Fiasco remix)

3. Pelican

4. Pelican (Arildo & Usmev remix)


Out March 11th´ 2014.


Ivaylo & Lazy Karma


Like The Sound EP

with remixes from Jay Tripwire, Jevne and Omar V.


1. Like The Sound

2. Like The Sound (Jay Tripwire remix)

3. Like The Sound (Jevne remix)

4. Like The Sound (Omar V remix)


Out April 21th 2014.


Usmev feat.Bleu Renee


Twilight Room EP

with remixes from JT Donaldson, Chuck Love and Slammer


1. Twilight Room

2. Twilight Room (JT Donaldson remix)

3. Twilight Room (Chuck Love remix)

4. Twilight Room (Slammer)


Out June 2nd 2014.